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If you haven't already got a Raspberry Pi, here's your chance to get one complete with 8GB SD card with NOOBS and a stylish Raspberry Pi case to keep your Pi safe. Great if you have all the other bits and pieces you need kicking around at home already! If you don't, you may want to go for one of our more comprehensive kits that have everything you need to get you up and running with Raspberry Pi.

3 colours of Raspberry Pi case to choose from!







Choose from a Model A or  Model B Raspberry Pi (UK made) and select which colour Raspberry Pi case you want - solid black, clear transparent red or clear transparent. Compatible with Raspberry Pi Model A and Model B, our TekBerry cases are slick and stylish functional Italian design at its bests.



What You Get

This kit includes;

  • Raspberry Pi Model A or Model B (UK made)
  • 8GB SD card with NOOBS
  • TekBerry Raspberry Pi case (choose from 1 of 3 colours)
  • Instructions


This kit assumes you have all the wires, a keyboard and mouse, HDMI adapters all kicking about somewhere at home.

What it does offer you is:

Raspberry Pi Model A (UK made, not the China version): 700MHz processor, 256MB onboard memory, and 1 USB port, no Ethernet socket. Portable, it's good for any low powered project such as remote sensors, wi fi repeaters for example.

Raspberry Pi Model B (UK made, not the China version): 700MHz processor, 512MB onboard memory, and 2 USB ports, Ethernet socket. The Model B is a little faster, and gives you a lot more scope for projects later.  It is handy to have the free USB port for a whole range of reasons, such as to swap files on and off the Pi with a memory stick.

8GB SD card with latest NOOBS pre-installed:
Includes applications; Scratch and Python Games. Pre-installed software lets you start the Pi in different modes (OS); Raspbian, Raspberry Pi OpenELEC (Choose, play music/photos/videos. Connect the Pi behind your TV, add a drive with your videos etc. on it. Browse using wireless mouse). ArchLinux (advanced users), Pidora (alternative to Raspbian). RaspBMC (like OpenELEC, built upon Raspbian, standard OS for Pi - use it for other things. RISC OS (alternative to Raspbian. Compact & fast for advanced users). 

TekBerry Raspberry Pi Case: slick and stylish Italian case, quick easy snap together 2-piece case. No screws or rubber bands. Tough and colourful flame retardant protection for your Pi. Keep your Pi cool and ensure optimal performance. Choose from 3 colours - solid black, transparent clear or transparent red.


Getting your Raspberry Pi Starter Kit to you in one piece is really, really important to us, so we send our kits via Next Day Delivery by Interlink.

We allow 48hrs to fulfill an order, and send the kit out to you using Interlink's Next Day Delivery Service. Orders received over the weekend (Sat-Sun) will be fulfilled on a Monday.

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